No, your vehicle is perfectly safe turning the tow. While every car and truck is different, our professionals know how to ensure that a vehicle rides on its own suspension to the repair shop. When major repairs are necessary, a vehicle can’t simply stay where it is, and we’d be out of business if we damaged vehicles during transport. We take great care of customers’ vehicles.
Some people get nervous about towing a vehicle that comes with all-wheel drive, but we have trucks in our fleet that lift all four wheels off the ground to ensure a drivetrain is not damaged during the ride over to the service center.
All those tight turns and steep inclines can lead some customers to worry that a vehicle inside a parking garage is really and truly stuck, but we have tow trucks with lower clearances that can handle. these jobs with ease
Not necessarily. If you’d like to ride with the vehicle to the shop, then yes. But as long as we have the keys and any other information we may need, you can let the driver bring the car to the shop and have someone pick you up and take you home or to some other location, where you can handle any further business by phone
We offer 24-hour availability every single day of the year. Hours of operation should never be a concern for our customers.
Yes. Our drivers are trained Car Lockout specialists who carry an ever increasing array of vehicle unlocking tools. NEVER let an untrained person attempt to unlock your vehicle! Your doors internal mechanisms and wires are very fragile.
Since you never know when and where you’re going to get stranded in your car, most of the towing companies provide estimates about the final cost of their services. It usually depends on your location of car trouble and the distance your service provider has to cover to reach you.
Anyone who calls up our towing professionals can expect a comprehensive fuel service. Our towing experts will drive to anyone, located anywhere, and bring along enough gas to get that person right back on the road. For those who are too far from a gas station and have nothing in their tank, they can depend on the swift and caring services from our specialists. If that customer needs a particular quality of gas, or specific amounts, our experts will be certain to meet all the requirements that the patron requests. No one who urgently needs gas for their car needs to be stranded: our professionals are on duty for 24 hours; anyone can call them up and trust that they’ll get the fuel they need so badly. We’ll be like a mobile gas station—we’ll come to you. Simply give us a phone call when you’ve broken down with an empty tank. There’s no need to worry when you have our number. We’ll show you, firsthand, what kind of gas services we perform.
Our professional team makes no distinctions in the hours of operation when there’s a customer in need. You can rely on our emergency call center and our towing professionals at any hour of the day for any automotive troubles you’re facing. Being a 24/7 towing service means that we’re always available for our patrons-twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re on the road or off we can help you whenever you need a towing expert by your side.
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Roadstars Towing LTD
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